Terms And Conditions

K.P.N Travels India Limited

K.P.N Travels India Limited is a registered company and the registered office is situated at 23B, Rajaji Street, Swarnapuri, Salem – 636 004.


In these General conditions of K.P.N Travels India Limited the following words shall have the following meanings:

“Authorized ID” — The Personal Photo Identification Card of the traveller / user

  • Passport
  • Voter Identification Card
  • PAN Card
  • Driving License
  • Central Government or State Government Issued Employee identification.
  • For Non-Indians, their Country's Passport will constitute sole authorized ID

“Boarding List” — A Final List of passengers permitted to travel the specific bus. This is prepared 30 Minutes prior to the boarding time at the boarding point.

“Boarding Pass” — With respect to e-tickets there no separate boarding pass but a copy of the e-ticket is valid to allow you for getting into our Bus.

“Boarding Point” — means any of our branch offices or stops where journey is to be started or joined or through which the journey may pass.

“E-ticket” — refers to a KPN Online reservation booked on this website, for the consummation of which the customer prints out an Electronic Reservation Slip on standard stationary which, along with the concerned authorized personal identification, constitutes the authority to travel, in lieu of the regular ticket

“Journey” — means each journey, a passenger is entitled to make as per his/her request as set out in his/her ticket.

“Luggage” — means any article which a passenger brings onto a bus including his/her belongings carried on in the journey.

“Registered User” — means the user who is registered through our Website by providing their belongings carried on in the journey.

“General User” — means the user directly booked through our website not having Register ID.

“Ticket” — means any ticket issued by us. It is an authorization to travel using our ticket booking facility for the specified journey over the network of K.P.N Travels India Limited

General Terms & Conditions

These General conditions of K.P.N Travels India Limited are the conditions on which K.P.N Travels India Limited carries any person/s having the valid ticket/e-ticket for the journey and their property and these conditions shall apply to each ticket issued by K.P.N Travels India Limited and each contract to carry any person entered with K.P.N Travels India Limited., Any reason who travels on a K.P.N Travels India Limited service shall be considered to have agreed to be carried on these General Conditions of K.P.N Travels India Limited.

  • This agreement is made between K.P.N Travels India Limited and the User the individual, whose details are set out in the User Registration page
  • This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the customer and K.P.N Travels India Limited with respect to this Web Site and it supersedes all prior or contemporaneous communications and proposals, whether electronic, oral, or written, between the customer and K.P.N Travels India Limited with respect to this Web Site. A printed version of this agreement and of any notice given in electronic form shall be admissible in judicial or administrative proceedings based upon or relating to this agreement to the same extent and subject to the same conditions as other business documents and records originally generated and maintained in printed form.
  • We will not allow to travel any child under the age of 14 alone, unless that child is accompanied by the responsible person aged 18 and above
  • Unless otherwise notified the company will operate services from authorized embarkation / disembarkation points on routes. To ensure safety, security and operational convenience, all passengers are instructed to refrain from boarding / getting off the busses at any other location on route.
  • The arrival and departure times mentioned on the ticket are only tentative timings. Busses may be delayed due to some unavoidable reasons like traffic jams etc.; however the bus will not leave the source before the time that is mentioned on the ticket.
  • Allotment of seat(s) is subject to availability at the time of final confirmation.
  • The management reserves the right to cancel/modify the seat allotment or program without any prior notice.
  • Modifications or Transferon confirmed e-ticket(s) is not possible.
  • Change of boarding place is/are not allowed after Preparing the Boarding List
  • A maximum weight of 15 Kg of your luggage per person will only be permitted and only if the same is capable of fitting on an overhead luggage rack or under seats. Exceeding the permitted luggage will be charged separately at boarding place and also subject to availability of the space in the bus.
  • The Company is not responsible for any loss, theft or damage to your luggage(s)
  • The company shall not be responsible for any delay or inconvenience during the journey due to breakdown of the vehicle or other reasons beyond the control of the company.
  • For the Online Transactions using Atom payment gateway, charges will be billed to your Card / Bank Statement
  • Carrying contra bond material prohibited by the Government & Explosives is strictly prohibited inside the bus.
  • Printing of e-tickets by providing PIN NUMBER at the Branch offices is an optional facility given by the company. (Available only when sought about 1 Hour or more prior to the reporting time and only when there is possibility of printing at the boarding place).
  • Submission of a printed copy of the e-Ticket is imperative. Failing this, the traveler must provide the Xerox Copy of the relevant Valid Photo ID Proof and also the PIN number provided by us at the time of booking. (This is possible only while the boarding is done well ahead of the boarding time).
    If the conditions are not met then the traveler will not be permitted to board the bus.
  • In Case of Service Cancellation, Customers are requested not to cancel the tickets on their own, if any customer cancels the ticket, it will be treated as normal cancellation and refund will processed as per the report.
  • The trips are subject to cancellation or postponement due to breakdown of the vehicle or insufficient passengers for the trip. Under such circumstances, passengers will be intimated through email/phone as soon as possible and the ticket amount will be refunded. No passenger will be taken on the wayside. Baggage and Luggage will be booked at owner's risk subjected to the acceptance by our company .
  • If customer paid twice for one transaction, the one amount will be refunded via same source within 07 to 10 working days
  • No refund will be given to “NO-SHOW” passenger who do not report at the boarding point on time.

Services Offered

1. E-Booking or E-Cancellation facility is available for all Buses up to the preparation of boarding list.

2. Call our Helpdesk Phone Number 0427 - 4222222 for General enquiries & e-booking related queries such as given below:

  • Availability of seat/s for a Bus, date and time combination
  • Status of e-booking and reserved e-tickets
  • Bus availability, En-route and fare details
  • E-booking related other queries
  • Status of the e-Refunds towards failure & cancellation (Subject to availability)

3. Bulk Booking for families and groups.

Services not Offered

1. Modification or Transfer to another date/Route on confirmed e-ticket/s

2. Blocking/Booking of seats through Phone or email

3. Cancellation of e-Tickets by phone or mail.

Terms and Conditions of e-Booking Services

We agree to provide online ticket booking facilities to users who agree to the terms and condition set forth in this document.

Standard of Service

We will provide the service to you with reasonable care and skill.

Service Hours

Booking through Internet is allowed throughout the day.

Advance Booking Service

Only available for booking 30 days prior to the date of journey.

Use of the Online Reservation Service

You may only use this service to make legitimate bookings / reservations i.e., you may not use this service to book tickets for the purpose of commercial re-sale and profit. Without limitation, any speculative, false or fraudulent reservation or any reservation in anticipation of demand is prohibited.

Boarding Issue

If there is any conflict, while boarding the bus our staff are authorized to demand the details of your e-booking and the relevant Authorization ID* (Name with Photo proof).

Issue of Tickets & User Registration:

to use our site to book e-tickets and for any type of enquiries. All payments towards the cost of the tickets issued will be processed through selected payment gateway page. Our Payment Gateways are 3D-Secured (VbV- Verified by Visa & MSC- Mastercard secure code) also VeriSign secured and your credit card details will travel on the Internet in a fully encrypted (128 bit, browser independent encryption) form. To ensure your card’s security, your card details are neither communicated to us nor stored in our KPN Travels Website.

Scope of Service:

K.P.N Travels India Limited makes no guarantee that any service will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or error-free. Reasonable care will be taken to ensure safe and smooth travel.

* All rules and regulations applicable for reservation of seats/berths and charging of fare for bus reservation on K.P.N Travels India Limited will apply to reservation through the Internet.

Confirmation of Booking:

Your booking and reservation will be confirmed online, after you complete the transaction successfully. Further, the system will issue you a unique Boarding pass number (PIN) for each booking. Payment on your credit card is processed by any available Payment Gateway/s. Booking of e-tickets is subject to realization of fare from Payment Gateway Bank/s through the Payment Gateway.

Payment Options:

  • Payment by credit cards for Internet Booking Gateway Operated by Paytm / Razorpay
  • Payments through any Master / Visa credit cards, VbV (Verified by Visa) Registered Debit cards issued by any bank Except American Express Bank.

After pressing the “Pay” button, if the “Ticket reservation Page” is not displayed on your monitor due to power failure or Internet link failure, please check My Account for the “Booked Tickets” menu on the left side of the screen. This page contains all the details of the tickets booked by you. If the reservation desired by you finds a place in the above page, you can print your Boarding Pass from there. The tickets will be delivered as desired by you. You are also advised to check your e-mail or contact K.P.N Travels India Limited, if necessary. If your email address is VALID and viable then you will receive confirmatory mail/s about your e-booking/e-cancellation/e-refunds to your inbox.

*The charges will be billed to your credit / debit card as "K.P.N Travels India Limited"

All prices are listed in Indian Rupees. If you use a non-Indian credit card, your bank will automatically convert to your home currency based on that day's exchange rates.

*When you press pay button in Payment gateway page, the server will process your credit-card in about 10 seconds, but it may be longer at certain times. So wait for some more time. To avoid double charge, DO NOT presses the ‘Submit button more than once’, or presses the ‘Back’ or ‘Refresh’ buttons.

* Non-authorization of payment more than once by payment gateway for tickets booked by you is liable will result in deregistration of your account with this site, without any notice

* IF you have booked another seat(s) without confirming your previous booking status, that will cause you dual charge. Company will not be responsible for this and you have to cancel that second or first booking on your own

* e-Tickets for Claim Purposes - If there is a need for a claim purpose of the e-ticket, the clients are advised to take a copy or Xerox, before submitting it to the staff at the boarding point. Please be forewarned that the e-ticket will not be available in your ‘My Account’ for printing purposes subsequent to 1 hour prior reporting time.

Terms and Conditions of e-Refunds

Refund towards failed transactions

Due to network conjunction, timeout issue or if you were trying to use more than one window while booking or using the stored session from the history page or use of Back Button or using browsers other than IE, you may receive wrong debit from your account.

* On a daily basis the payments reports from the Payment Gateway banks are analyzed by an expert in-house team along with the tickets issued report (Except on holidays). Any discrepancy arising out of network congestion or out of user’s negligence is identified, checked and refunded on day-on-day basis. These refunds are processed by the respective gateways as used by the user and sent back to the issuing bank (user’s card banker) in batches, which should approximately take about 5 working days. K.P.N Travels India Limited offers no guarantees whatsoever for the accuracy or of the time factor of the refunds reaching the Customers card/bank accounts. This is on account of the multiplicity of organizations involved in processing of online transactions, the problems with Internet infrastructure currently available and working days/holidays of financial institutions.

Cancellation and Refund of e-Tickets

E-tickets can be cancelled ONLY by the user in our site www.kpntravels.in and online up to 1 hour prior to the preparation of the boarding List (Viz., 1 hr prior to the reporting Time). E-tickets CANNOT be cancelled at our Branch counters

* Deduction of Charges from the reporting time, if this boarding pass cancelled…

  • before 24 Hrs - 15%
  • 24 Hrs to 3 Hr - 25%
  • if less than 3 Hr – No Cancellation & Refund

Ø After the cancellation process please ensure by checking your ‘My Account’ in our site, if cancellation was done as desired by you. If the process completed properly then the relevant e-ticket will NOT be available there for cancellation, if it exists then it was not cancelled properly do it again properly.

Ø The E-ticket will not be available 1 hr prior to the Reporting time for printing or cancellation.

Refunds towards bus alterations:

The company holds the rights to cancel / modify any trip. In such circumstances, the full pass amount / difference in bus alteration will be refunded ONLY electronically to the Card account which is used for booking

Delay in getting Refund:

To get the refund quickly, customers are advised to cancel their tickets within the prescribed time limits, wherever possible. If you missed to click on Confirm cancellation your occupancy allotment may not be released Hence it will be treated as rendered service and refund will not be eligible for this case. In cases where the tickets are not cancelled within the prescribed time limits, the time taken and amount of refund granted in such cases is dependent on the merit of each case and is to be decided by the Management of K.P.N Travels India Limited not responsible for delays at the K.P.N Travels India Limited end in any such case. Amount of refund whenever received from the K.P.N Travels India Limited shall be credited to the customer's account immediately.

User Registration

You will receive a password and account designation upon completing our registration process. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the password and account, and are fully responsible for all activities that occur using your password or account. You also agree to..

  • Immediately notify helpdesk@kpntravels.in of any unauthorized use of your password or account or any other breach of security, and
  • Ensure that you exit from your account at the end of each session. K.P.N Travels India Limited cannot and will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from your failure to comply with this

Help Desk support & Assistant

For quicker support & Assistance Please call our 24 x 7 Helpdesk number 0427 - 4222222

For only unresolved support queries you can send mail to helpdesk@kpntravels.in

Operational related Complaints, Suggestions, other queries & grievances

Please write to
The General Manager,
K.P.N Travels India Limited,
23B,Rajaji Street,
Swarnapuri, Salem 636004.

Passenger Behavior

Required behavior and prohibited behavior

You shall behave in a reasonable, sensible and lawful manner on a coach and at any station, comply with any request from a member of staff concerning the availability of certain seats reserved for disabled passengers, use mobile phones considerately with the comfort of other passengers in mind and you shall not: be abusive or threatening to any staff or any other person or conduct yourself in a way which may endanger yourself, and coach or station or any person or property on board any coach or at any station; or obstruct any driver, crew officer or staff in the performance of their duties or fail to comply with their instructions; or behave in a manner which causes discomfort, inconvenience, damage or injury to other persons.


Our Termination Rights

We may at any time use our sole discretion and without giving any reason or any prior notice terminate or temporarily suspend your access to all or any part of the web site.

Use of Tickets

You must check your ticket for errors, if any, as soon as you receive it. If an error is noticed and the ticket does not comply with the information set out in the reservation page, you must inform us of the same immediately at Phone no 0427 - 4222222.

If there is any conflict, arising while boarding the bus our staff have the right to ask for the Authorization ID*

(* Name with Photo proof).

If you don’t have the Printer to take the printout of the ticket or missed your ticket printout, please note down the PIN Number and boarding pass number from booked ticket link in our website. And submit any of your Photo ID proof (your Name with Photo) to our Vehicle Dispatch Clerk with reasonable time before reporting time.

K.P.N Travels India Limited is not responsible for any wrong booking due to incorrect details furnished by the customer or repeated bookings without confirming previous booking and no claim will be entertained towards these faulty bookings while you alone are responsible for all of your booking.

* All the terms & conditions are subject to Salem jurisdiction.