About Us

Service, Safety with sophistication are our Specialty

K.P.N Travels India Limited is plying buses in four states namely Tamil Nadu, Pondy, Kerala, and Karnataka. Lakhs of customer prefer KPN Travels buses through out the year for going to various places in South India. 38 years in public transport is indeed a great accomplishment by our company. Headquarter at Salem, KPN Travels India Limited, is in business since last four decades. From a humble beginning, it has grown to become one of the leading bus operators with an expanding fleet of buses in the country. Offering excellent service with its well-maintained coaches and courteous staff, KPN travels strength lies in its enlightened management under Dr.K.P.Natarajan its Managing Director. Today the luxury buses of KPN are familiar sights on almost all the vast highways of the South. The runaway success of the company and the popularity of its bus service is traceable to its quality and timely service to customers, excellent labour relations and the steadfast loyalty of the workers to the management. Born in the year 1949 at village called at Periyaputhur in Salem district. Dr. Natarajan (Kuppanna Goundar Ponmalai Goundar Natarajan) is simple and most unassuming, and he is from an agricultural family.

Dr.KPN started his career as a tour operator in 1968, Later, in 1971, he realized the need for regular bus services between major towns and cities. Thus was born KPN travels in 1972. At the age of 23, he started the first service of KPN Travels between Thirunelveli and Bangalore. Initially he used to travel and sometimes even drove the bus himself. His regular travel on the buses gave him an opportunity to interact with all his customers and get valuable feedback, which helped improve service, facilities and comfort levels in the bus. In the next couple of years Dr.KPN could start his service from Trichy to Chennai. In fact, he began competing with railways by starting his service at around the same time from Trichy and reaching Chennai much earlier than the express trains. Customers enjoyed the experience and started preferring KPN buses. It is a fact that KPN was one of the firsts to introduce the latest technologies in buses. Today it has the latest and most modern fleet of buses, including 35 Volvo B7R high-end luxury coaches. Dr. KPN's sound management and pioneering ideas on fleet standardization, bus route review and employee training provided a strong base for growth.